James Collins
1786 KY
Joseph Rowe
 1790 VA
Mary "Polly" Dooley
1777 VA
Elizabeth Plymale
1791 VA

m. 1 Jan 1835 Knox County, IL (source: IL. Statewide marriage index says "Rowe, Mathia" spelling error)
Thomas Collins Bethia Rowe
bd. btw 1810-15 KY
occ. Farmer
dd. 16 Mar 1889 Mills County Farm, IA (source: Book 1-35 Mills Co. Death Records)
brd. County Farm
bd.  1815 KY
occ.  Keeping House
alias. Bethier or "Martha Rae"
bef. 1870 IL or IA
1840 Census Knox County, IL (img 9)
1850 Census Knox County, tnship 12N.2E
1850 Census Warren County, IL (they were counted on 2 different 1850 Census because they moved)
1870 Census Glenwood Ward 1, Mills County, IA w/o Bethia and w/daughter Tabitha, Charles and Ella
1880 Census Center twnship, Mills County, IA w/o Bethia

Mary Polly Collins (b. 22 Apr 1836 Knox Co., IL    d. 15 Sep 1910)
Caroline Catharine Collins (1837 Knox Co., IL)
Margaret E. Collins (1840-1 Knox Co., IL      notes: born after 1840 Census)
Tabitha Collins (b. 1842 Knox Co., IL)
Winchester Collins (b. 1843 Knox Co., IL)
"Mack" McKendre Collins (b. 1845 Knox Co., IL)  Note: name same as grandmother's maiden name
Anthony W. Collins (b. Sept 1849 Knox Co., IL)
Rice Collins (b. 1851-2 Galesburg, Knox Co., IL)
Charles Collins (b. 1857 IL)
Ella Collins (b. 1860 IL)
William Duncan Collins
(b. 1 Mar 1862 Galesburg, Knox Co., IL)

Wm D. Collins shows up in Lynch, Boyd County, Nebraska on 1900 and 1910 Census.  This Wm according to census was born in Feb 1858 IL and has a father from KY and mother from Ohio.  1910 living next door to Rice Collins.  By 1920 Sanders County, Thompson, MT census, Wm is deceased and wife Belle / Emilie is alive living with most of her children.

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